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The Scholar
Athlete Vacation

Experience a Real American University Vibe

A designed, goal-driven, fun, and energetic vacation which provides exponential personal growth and deepening education to satisfy the unique needs of a high-performing scholar athlete.

Not every summer vacation is created for a smart and high performing athlete like yourself. That’s why we designed the Scholar-Athlete Vacation, a goal-driven, fun, and energetic experience which provides exponential personal growth and deepening education. This perfect blend is the only vacation that will satisfy your every need. 

This year, the destination is none other than the U.S. capital: Washington, D.C. Here you will find the perfect mix of culture, education, athletics, language, excursions, and international immersion. 

Washington DC Capitol Building
Asian studying in class
young man playing tennis
woman kayaking
beautiful Cherry blossom Image by AJ

You are different.
Your vacation should understand that.

Why Us?

We are the only organization in the world who caters to budding champions while nurturing their intellect at the same time. The destinations and the experiences we customize are empowering and life-changing.

Our team is composed of scholar-athletes themselves who know your needs. We feature world-class international coaches who graduated from the best universities in the US with multiple degrees. They are well-versed on foreign languages, local life, and the knowledge you need to compete at the level they’ve excelled at.

woman playing tennis laughing


Your name is synonymous with performance, driven by your rapid development. Our customized training programs are designed for the athlete you are. You will be pushed to your limits, maximizing your potential in tennis, swimming or soccer.


The capital of the United States, located in the heart of the East Coast megalopolis, Washington, D.C. boasts incredible tourism opportunities, dining and entertainment, and sporting events, all with the chance to see American democracy at work up close. With a vibrant political and diplomatic atmosphere, it is also one of America’s most international cities.

Trip Details

Washington is arguably the richest excursion destination in the U.S, not just because of its own charms, but its position on the East Coast’s corridor. See the White House and the Capitol. Get to New York and see a Broadway show. Ring the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, or sink your toes in the sand at the Delaware beaches. It’s all within two hours. Be ready to discover.


girl with backpack reading map near water


To experience what it will be like as a collegiate athlete here, the best place for a scholar-athlete to live is at an American university campus. We partner with the best universities in the nation’s capital to give you the full scholar-athlete experience. Prepare for your next chapter, in style.

Customers Testimonials

Caitlin Wang playing tennis

I realize now that the Tennis Central coaching staff improved my game faster than anyone could have. You just need to trust the process!

Caitlin Wang

– Princeton University

lily lynham playing tennis

Custom training prepared me for the intense demands of Georgetown. If you are ready to be ready, simply jump in!

Lilly Lynham

– Georgetown University

jasmine toor

The journey with Tennis Central and Coach Alexis has been extremely fulfilling and productive… Our expectations have been exceeded by far. The ease with which we worked together to explore the collegiate system and tailor the approaches to Jasmin’s interests was quite amazing. If your child has similar ambitions, I don’t think you can go wrong by following a similar path.

Jasmin Toor – University of Rochester

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