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Your Growth

Join Us in Washington D.C.


Your name is synonymous with performance, driven by your rapid development. Our customized training programs are designed for the athlete you are. You will be pushed to your limits, maximizing your potential in tennis, swimming or soccer.

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Our tennis pedigree is extraordinary. The Scholar-Athlete Vacation is run by former ATP / WTA and NCAA players who have played at the highest levels, coached superstars, and still mentor the next generations of leaders. Your tennis program will include the five pillars of success:

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The DC area is famous for its Olympic swimmer greats. Michael Phelps grew up in Baltimore, while Katie Ledecki spent her time in Bethesda, Maryland. Our swimming programs are second to none. You’ll be training at an outdoor competitive pool with the area’s best coaches where you can excel. If you need assistance in finding the right school for your next chapter, our Central College Placement branch is here for you.


DC United is one of the most decorated teams in Major League Soccer, along with its most famous former player, Wayne Rooney. Having hosted World Cup matches, the DC area is home to prolific soccer programs and top-drawer facilities. We prepare you for the collegiate experience and put you on track for recruitment. With our experienced coaching staff, you will continue to improve at a faster pace than you ever had before.

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The United States has always been an Olympic threat at track. The reason is simple: When top athletes paired with wise coaches at world-class facilities, it typically generates exceptional results. We will have these resources at your disposal. With our Central College Placement organization, we lead you in the right direction toward competing at the next level.


A daily 1-hour English class is offered to improve your language comprehension, speaking and reading skills. You will have the rest of your journey to become more fluent by talking to local peers and immerse yourself in American culture. If you need help with TOEFL, SAT and TOEIC, etc, we are here for you as well.

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